Launched in 1935, Qualatex has grown from a selection of a mere 10 colors to more than 75 unique hues. With vibrant colors of the rainbow, delicate pearl pastels, translucent jewel tones, and most notably, the innovative shiny metallic Chrome® line, Qualatex has set the gold standard for quality professional latex balloons.

Balloon artists worldwide double-stuff Qualatex balloons to create unique textures and shades, leading to a versatile color range with infinite possibilities. Color trends change with the seasons and shift year to year. As trendsetters in the party industry, we have devoted countless hours to color exploration and have developed tools to help you determine the precise mix of double-stuffed colors to create the desired shade, only achievable with Qualatex balloons.

Every celebration deserves Qualatex balloons! Whether you’re seeking to discover current color trends or you need to match a specific shade for an upcoming event, the color experts at Qualatex have you covered. Craft the perfect color palette for every occasion, and Paint Your Party with Qualatex!

Perfect Palettes with Qualatex Custom Colors!

Whether you need to match a logo color or special wedding hue, double-stuffing latex balloons is a common way to match specific colors to an event, especially in organic decor. Layer latex from the extensive range of Qualatex balloon colors to create custom multidimensional shades. Use these combinations to create delicate hues, complex colors with unique depth, and trending color palettes.  

Qualatex Custom Colors

Looking for the perfect color for an upcoming job? Check out this page with more than 170 double-stuffed custom color combinations alongside our existing latex colors.

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Downloadable Color Guides

Rainbow of Colors

View the Qualatex rainbow of colors and learn how to create custom colors by double stuffing.

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Neutral & Muted

Layer dark neutrals inside your choice of bright color to recreate velvety muted tones, or into lighter translucent balloons for understated neutrals. Transform brighter colors into softer tones by stuffing black, gray or brown balloons inside brighter hues to achieve a luxurious finish. 

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Layer latex from the extensive range of Qualatex® balloon colors to create uniquely customized shades. Find a hue for any occasion when designing with these exquisite and unique color combinations.

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Combine the “Solid Shine” of Chrome with the Pastel Pearl and Jewel collections from the Qualatex® Rainbow of Colors to create custom colors that are rich, radiant, and reflective.

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Balloon Images Magazine: The Color Issue

From understanding color psychology to creating your own color palettes, this issue is a must-read for those just starting out in the balloon industry, and a great refresher for experienced balloon artists!

Read it here!

Color as a Tool with Olga Baranova, CBA

In this pre-recorded webinar, you'll discover how the use of color is both an art and a science! Led by Olga Baranova, CBA, this 90-minute class explores the visual effect of how colors mix, match and contrast with each other.

You'll also learn specific applications and techniques for getting the most impact from your creations!

Understanding the science of color dramatically affects the success of your design and how your art is perceived. Purchase this recording and learn the terms, tools, and tips you need to choose the best colors for your designs.


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