Bold, bright, and unexpected, Chartreuse is the new must-have color. It's the perfect blend of vivid green and electric yellow. Whether you pair it with other vivid hues or with soft pastels and neutrals, this color is packed with personality!

Paint Your Party with Chartreuse!

This isn’t your grandma’s Lime Green. Chartreuse takes electric green to the next level and brings the hottest pop you never knew you were missing.

Check out the palettes below for exciting combinations to create the "vibe" that is Chartreuse!

Vibrant Daydream

Get ready to elevate your party with this dynamic balloon color palette. Whether you're decorating for a birthday bash or a festive celebration, these vibrant hues will transform your space into a lively and inviting party paradise.



Caribbean Blue

Spring Lilac

Chrome Purple

Electric Breeze

In this electrifying color palette, bright chartreuse bounces off the depths of navy, resulting in a captivating and energizing blend that adds a playful touch to any event.


Caribbean Blue

Tropical Teal


Vibrant Elegance

This captivating color palette marries the vibrant charm of chartreuse with the delicate sweetness of blush, all harmonized by the playfulness of pink. A combination that effortlessly balances vibrancy and elegance, perfect for creating a chic and lively atmosphere.




Sweet Soirée

This palette, featuring chartreuse, rose, and orange, is a delectably sweet combination. It's a delicious blend of colors that will make your space feel as fun and inviting as an ice cream parlor on a hot summer day.




Butterfly Glow

Chartreuse and purple come together like the intricate wings of a butterfly, creating a color palette that steals the spotlight with its captivating and upscale appeal.


Chrome Mauve

Pearl Quartz Purple

Shades of Green
With the vibrant energy of chartreuse and the timeless charm of classic green, this color range presents a dynamic blend that remains forever in vogue.
Chartreuse > Lime Green > Spring Green > Standard Green

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