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Made of see-through stretchy material, Bubble Balloons are your answer to long-lasting, innovative designs.


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Deco Bubbles

Add an eye-catching element to your designs with this unique and profitable category of balloons. Stretchy plastic Deco Bubble Balloons are non-oxidizing and long-lasting - making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor decor. Whether you double stuff them with a single latex balloon or add decorative accents, versatile Deco Bubbles add value and create a magical effect that will have your customers asking, "Is that really a balloon?"


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The Extraordinary Deco Bubble!

Have you integrated the Qualatex Clear Deco Bubble Balloon® into your design repertoire? This versatile balloon is customizable to any event you can think of! From balloon deliveries to stunning decor, the Deco Bubble is the workhorse of your balloon stock! Read on to learn everything you need to get started with this awe-inspiring product!

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Inflation Instructions

The videos below show how to inflate Bubble Balloons with helium. Bubble Balloons are also perfect for air-filled decor! Refer to this article on air inflators to choose one best suited for this application.

Use a latex regulator only, and keep inflating until the Bubble is very round and the wrinkles and bumps along the seam are gone. Bubbles stretch like latex balloons and look like beach balls when properly inflated. Star Bubbles WILL have small wrinkles along the seam when fully inflated.

  1. Locate the blue valve. Slightly inflate the outer Bubble with a latex regulator so the inner shape has room to inflate.
  2. Locate the white valve. Fully inflate the inner shape with a foil regulator.
  3. Use both hands to manipulate the inner shape so it’s in a good position.
  4. Return to the blue valve and fully inflate the outer Bubble with a latex regulator. Keep inflating until the Bubble is very round and the wrinkles and bumps are gone.

Tip: If the inner shape shrinks noticeably while inflating the outer Bubble, return to the white valve. Use your latex regulator to add a micro-second of helium, or use a hand pump to add just enough air to fill out the inner shape.

  1. Inflate with a latex balloon regulator immediately upon opening. When air inflating, use nitrogen or compressed air.
  2. Do not use an automatic shut-off regulator or regular air inflator; they do not have enough power to inflate a Qualatex Bubble Balloon wrinkle-free.
  3. When inflating Deco Bubbles, NEVER leave ANY wrinkles on the seam. Although the balloon will seem tight, continue inflating and stop just as the wrinkles disappear, leaving a perfectly smooth seam.

Tying Deco Bubbles
Tightly grip the neck and twist several times. Wrap a ribbon, 160Q, or 260Q around the neck and tie a permanent knot. Tying the knot extremely tight will ensure a long-lasting Deco Bubble.

Inflation Tips

  • Once the package is opened, Bubbles must be inflated immediately or they’ll dry out. Discard the moisture pack after inflation.
  • Do NOT use a foil (auto shut-off regulator to inflate Single Bubbles, the outer bubbles of Double Bubbles, or Deco Bubbles; if you do, the foil regulator will shut off too soon and your Bubble will look more like a foil balloon. ONLY use latex regulators on these Bubbles, and keep inflating until the wrinkles and bumps are gone.
  • When using helium, inflate the Deco Bubble as well as ALL balloons inside the Deco Bubble with helium. When using air, inflate ALL balloons with air.
  • Do not use HI-FLOAT® products or Balloon Shine™ on Bubbles or latex balloons inside Bubbles.
  • Bubbles are pop resistant, but not pop proof. They can withstand outside pressure changes. However, exposing them to extreme heat or sharp objects may cause them to burst. A 160Q or 260Q latex balloon may be tied to the Bubble’s neck to secure it into a decor piece,such as a Column.

Helium Guidelines

  • Over inflating or under inflating Bubbles can decrease float times, so follow package instructions to inflate properly and achieve the best float times.
  • Actual flying times will also depend on temperature and atmospheric conditions.
  • Deco Bubble float times will vary if other types of balloons are placed inside.
  • The average number of Bubble Balloons inflated with a 242 cu.ft. tank is 250 for 22" Single balloons and 200 for 24" Double balloons. The average number of Deco Bubble Balloons inflated with a 242 cu. ft. tank is dependent on the number and size of latex balloons used inside the Deco Bubble.

The Bubble Inflator

The Bubble Inflator automatically inflates Bubbles and Deco Bubbles to the perfect pressure and size with wrinkle-free seams. Hold down the Auto-Fill Bubble Button and inflate the Bubble using the foil regulator.

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